Centinelle Dipsea Trail Mushroom - Hair Barrette (1 pc)


Dipsea Trail Mushroom Hair Barrette

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A lovely lavender mushroom with sparkles on top to adorn your hair while being functional. With the mission of creating sustainable affordable luxury goods, Centinelle has designed a complementary new line of hair accessories from cellulose acetate, plant-based synthetic fiber & biodegradable.

Measures approx 2 5/8" high x 1 3/4" wide


Enjoy a piece of Centinelle’s imagination with these fun collectibles!

Ingredients + Benefits

Cellulose Acetate and Metal Hardware.

Brand Info

Cristina Rose-Guizar, Mexican-American fashion designer and founder, started Centinelle with the dream of bringing versatility and fashion into colorful accessories that bring fun and empower women's style and confidence. She considers herself a hybrid between a city girl and a nature lover. Christina's love for Mexico, Japan, animals and nature reflects in her designs.

Centinelle creates beautiful, fun and timeless hand-drawn illustrations on scarves, homewares, loungewear and hair accessories. The brand was born as a playful experiment to take the foulard from fussy to fun.
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