Canyon Coffee Daily Meditation Chart (1 pc)

Canyon Coffee

Meditation Chart

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As with coffee, meditation is something the founders bonded over early in their relationship. It seemed a little odd, at first—the idea of a coffee company making a meditation chart. But it felt less so when the pair connected that mindfulness and existing in the present were at the heart, if not the foundation, of starting Canyon. Casey (owner) illustrated this chart.

Measures: 7" W x 10" H


Printed by Letterpress on heavy cardstock in Los Angeles, California.

Brand Info

Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz met in Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles. A model and musician, The two fell in love with coffee together. In their travels for work, they would seek out the best local roasters to send beans home to each other, and came to truly cherish the moments when they could enjoy their favorite morning ritual together—making coffee for each other.

Casey started working in coffee as a barista, and became friends with James Klapp, a talented roaster. After a few years, it all culminated in the idea to turn the trio's collective passion into something they could pour their love and energy into and share with the world. They decided to start Canyon Coffee in early 2016.

Canyon Coffee began by sourcing exclusively organic coffee, with the goal of roasting to develop coffees that were naturally sweet, balanced, and caramelly, and easy to make taste great at home.
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