Calliope Pencil Factory Un F&%$ing Believable Pencil (1 pc)

Calliope Pencil Factory

Un F&%$ing Believable Pencil

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Single bright blue pencil stamped by hand with white foil. "Un Fucking Believable"

Pencil measures 9" L x 0.3" W x 0.3" H

Brand Info

For as long as I can remember I have loved paper, pens, and drawing, and I knew my whole life I wanted a paper store.

Recently, I got the itch to start making stuff again, but I didn't want to make cards. I had a set of You've Got Mail quote pencils made for me and people went nuts for them! Another run sold out. And another. I thought maybe I should get my own foil stamper and so the Pencil Factory came to be! I made other movie quote sets, TV show sets, and my most popular; the sassy pencils with bad words. I love making pencil sets that make people smile and yell out to their friend "HEY! Come look at this!"

My style is colorful, playful, nostalgic, with a little bit of edge. I hope you love it! -- Founder
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