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Bay Rhum Cologne Splash

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Blended in small batches by hand and aged in the estate's cellars, using only the highest grades of native Virgin Islands Bay oil, Bulgarian rose water and spirits of cane. The finest product of its kind anywhere.



Just as Mr. Meehan has always loved the beautiful J-Class yachts, he has devoted himself to making the finest and most complete line of Bay Rhum Skincare products produced anywhere in the world, all dedicated to the memory of the precious J-Class yachtsmen everywhere.

The quality of these products is unimpeachable and the Bay Rhum itself remains true to the original Danish recipe of centuries ago and always contains costly rosewater from Bulgaria and pure botanical Bay Rhum from India.
Rum made from sugarcane spirits, pure, natural bay oils distilled from berries and leaves of the Pimenta Racemosa and Pimenta Officianalis, rose water.
Since 1972, Bonny Doon Farm, nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, has become America's Original Fine English Lavender Estate©. Proprietors Diane and Gary Meehan come from a background of family farmers and gardeners - they planted every original plant and tree themselves after building the Farm to traditional standards. A true labor of love.

Three varieties of lavender are grown, including their very own cultivar "Frieda," named after Diane's Mom, who was their greatest inspiration.

Be assured that every product from the Farm is guaranteed to please and to deliver true value without compromise.