Bio Lifting Oil-Free Fluid

Bio Lifting Oil-Free Fluid

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Bio Lifting Oil-free Fluid is designed for mature skin that still exhibits oily tendencies. This lightweight, mattifying and oil-free fluid is rich in botanicals that promote a firmer looking, more toned appearance while flooding skin with moisture. Infused with Hexapeptides that soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Ideal for oily skin, it is also suitable for other skin types, especially in hot and humid climates.

    84% natural including a base of pure rosewater.


    Anti-wrinkle Hexapeptides softens the look of expression lines caused by muscular contractions*

    Imperata Cylindrica Extract helps lock in revitalizing moisture for a plumper and smoother looking complexion*

    Energizing Plankton obtained from a strain of plankton found in the Sahel Desert delivers an infusion of energy to the skin for a more smooth and youthful appearance*

    Tocotrienols are potent antioxidants that combat free radicals created by UV rays and environmental pollutants*

    Borage oil is rich in essential fatty acids, including an exceptionally high content of gamma-linolenic acid

    Yeast Extract is rich in oligo-proteins infused with energizers that help dissolve the look of dull skin tone*

    Cinnamon Bark Extract/ Kelp Extract have skin rebalancing properties helping control the appearance of shine*

    Spent barley grain extract helps soothe skin*

    Jasmine/Narcissus/Mimosa Flower Waxes are emollient and softening to skin

    *Tests performed on ingredient.

    84% natural including a base of pure rosewater.

    Rose centers and imparts a sense of well-being.

    Chantecaille Aromacologie products are free of animal components, phthalates, sulphate detergents, mineral oil, petrolatum, palm oil, synthetic color, synthetic fragrance and GMOs. No animal testing. No parabens.
    Apply two to three pumps of Bio Lifting Fluid to your finger tips and, starting around the eye area, gently press into the entire face until product is fully absorbed by the skin.
    Key Ingredients:
    • Anti-wrinkle Hexapeptide minimizes facial contractions by quieting the neurotransmitter responsible for moving facial muscles.
    • Imperata Cylindrica Extract increases skin’s hydration by 50% within 6 hours, creating a smoothing, hydrated lift effect.
    • Caprylol Glycol, targets and suppresses the bacteria specific to acne Biodynamic plankton radiates a high level of energy that is transferred to the skin’s cells, boosting their metabolism, triggering healthy cell growth and revitalizing skin.
    • Tocotrienols are hugely potent antioxidants that create a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, combating free radicals created by UVA rays and environmental pollutants.
    • Borage oil is rich in essential fatty acids, including an exceptionally high content of gamma-linolenic acid, essential to peri- and post-menopausal women. Plant oligo-proteins contain trace elements of minerals (zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, copper) that improve cellular respiration and metabolic function.
    • Spent barley grain extract soothes dry, irritated skin and provides highly effective relief from itching and minor irritations.

    *Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
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