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Bandits Bandanas Such is Life 100% Organic Cotton Bandana shown tied around a model's neck

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Such is Life 100% Organic Cotton Bandana

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Bandits creates sustainably created bandanas that feature original artwork and support charities worldwide. Bandanas are hand made, fair trade certified, and built from sustainably-sourced, 100% organic cotton.

The Artist: Faye Pannell (Perth, Australia)

Measures approx 21 in x 21 in.

**Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted**


About the Artist:
Faye Pannell is an illustrator, designer, and the founder of Blackmane Supply Co. based in Perth, Australia. In addition to "Such Is Life," Faye's designs can be seen on Blackmane's wide range of awesome clothing and accessories inspired by the landscape of Australia. Beyond Blackmane, Faye's portfolio of design work is inspired by the natural world and the people around her. Faye sees her work as a means to express narratives, telling the stories of her world with illustration and color. Inspired by the technique, line work, and colors of Ken Taylor, along with the handmade aesthetic of Dereck Castle, Faye's work is alive with detail. On first look, her designs jump off the page, instantly imbuing the viewer with layers of meaning. Then, upon closer examination, all of the smaller elements reveal themselves to transport the viewer into another world. BANDITS is proud to feature this incredible artist and the outstanding cause she has chosen to support.

The Akashinga (which means "The Brave Ones" in the Shone language of Zimbabwe) is an elite all-female anti-poaching unit of the International Anti Poaching Foundation (IAPF). The project empowers women from disadvantaged communities across Zimbabwe, allowing them to join forces and combat illegal trophy hunting in the country. The women manage a massive network of wilderness areas using an an innovative community-driven approach. Though they are expertly trained to deal with any situation they may face, the team has an interpersonal focus, working with rather than against the local population for the long-term benefits of their own communities and nature.

Ingredients + Benefits

100% Organic Cotton

Brand Info

BANDITS is a socially conscious, artist-driven band of outlaws on a mission to build a BETTER bandana! From farm to forehead, these bandanas are built better by adhering to 3 core principles:

1. Originality - Bandits bandanas feature original, never-before-seen designs created by artists from all over the world.

2. Charity - For every bandana sold, they donate 10% of proceeds to a charity of the artist’s choosing. Since launching, Bandits has proudly donated over $58,000 to incredible artist-chosen organizations across the globe!

3. Conscious Quality - Bandits bandanas are Fair Trade Certified and hand made from sustainably-sourced, ultra soft, 100% Organic Cotton.
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