Baggu Scrunchie Set – Calico Florals (3 pcs)
Baggu Scrunchie Set – Calico Florals - shown on model's wrist
Baggu Scrunchie Set – Calico Florals - showing close-up of 3 pcs


Scrunchie Set – Calico Florals

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Maybe it's a hot day. Or a windy day. Or a messy day. Or a ponytail kinda day. Maybe there’s a bike ride in your future or an afternoon on a boat. But at some point you’ll want to keep your hair out of your face — and when you do, you’ll be glad you packed these.

Includes 3 Hair Scrunchies:
2 1/2" Wide
1 5/8" Wide
1" Wide


- Includes three different prints and sizes. Pick the one that suits your mood
- Machine washable

Ingredients + Benefits

100% organic cotton

Brand Info

BAGGU's mission is to make simple, high-quality bags in many bright colors, that feel good to use. They're durable and multi-purpose so you can own less stuff. BAGGU products are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible and are constructed to minimize material waste and ensure high quality.
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