Baggu Flat Pouch Set – Jessica Williams (3 pcs)
Baggu Flat Pouch Set – Jessica Williams showing zippers
Baggu Flat Pouch Set – Jessica Williams showing all three pouches with different items/sizes


Flat Pouch Set – Jessica Williams

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Have you ever looked out over the surface of a lake, the flat expanse of water begging you to jump in? So you do, and you realize it isn’t flat at all — it’s full of depth and possibilities. These pouches are a bit like that. Baggu could tell you more about them or you could just jump in. 


Set of three pouches:
- Large measures 7" × 10 ½"
- Medium measures 4 ¼" × 9"
- Small measures 3 ½" × 5"

About the Artist:
Jessica Williams is an LA-based painter. Her paintings invent narratives to explore themes of transformation, regeneration, and memory. She works from observations from her immediate environment as well as from photo-based and art historical references.


Machine washable

Ingredients + Benefits

Recycled heavyweight nylon

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BAGGU's mission is to make simple, high-quality bags in many bright colors, that feel good to use. They're durable and multi-purpose so you can own less stuff. BAGGU products are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible and are constructed to minimize material waste and ensure high quality.
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