La Sans Pareil Candle - Royal
La Sans Pareil Candle - Royal

La Sans Pareil Candle - Royal

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Notes: Bergamot, Verbena, Petitgrain.

Eau Sans Pareille was a 'personal water' made with flowers and fruit that arrived at the Court of Versailles under Louis XV. It was a mix of citron, sweet lime, orange, verbena and bergamot zest macerated in Eau de Vie, in the manner of the eaux de Cologne that emerged in the early eighteenth century. These fragrant eaux were medicinal products, elixirs consumed to ward off illness and epidemics.

Eau Sans Pareille was also an incomparable eau de toilette and beauty product endowed with invigorating and refreshing properties. In this candle, verbena works in harmony with petitgrain and rosemary to create luminous top notes.

Traditional blend of wax and a woven cotton wick.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
"My world, Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau, is a brand of exclusive fragrances inspired by the French style, the "French Touch", illustrated in particular in the Palace of Versailles. I took a genuinely historical approach to creating resolutely contemporary scents to restore the art of living and elegance that characterize France.

The candles, as well as the fragrances, lead you to this golden age of French luxury. I envisioned my collections as refined and precious to touch your heart and give you the glimpse of a dream."

-- Elisabeth de Feydeau