Arty Fragrance

Coffret Mousseline et Chou d’Amour

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Le Reve de la Reine - Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Neroli, Leather notes.
Mousseline - Lotus Flower, White Musc, Orange Blossom
Chou d'amour - Almond, Heliotrope, Vanilla


"Marie-Antoinette was an attentive mother. She had four children, including Madame Royale, her oldest daughter, who she called "Mousseline", and her second son who she nicknamed "Chour d'Amour". She cherished and protected them at the Petit Trianon or at the Hameau, where she took them to pick wild flowers, taste strawberries and drink good and fresh milk.

These two candles celebrate the Queen's happy moments as a mother, with the soft and transparent notes of rosebuds and the sweet biscuit notes of a child's skin. Le Rêve de la Reine is an ode to the lush gardens of Marie-Antoinette, who dearly loved the flowers and scents of her Petit Trianon." - Elisabeth de Feydeau

Ingredients + Benefits

Traditional blend of wax and a woven cotton wick.

Brand Info

"My world, Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau, is a brand of exclusive fragrances inspired by the French style, the "French Touch", illustrated in particular in the Palace of Versailles. I took a genuinely historical approach to creating resolutely contemporary scents to restore the art of living and elegance that characterize France.

The candles, as well as the fragrances, lead you to this golden age of French luxury. I envisioned my collections as refined and precious to touch your heart and give you the glimpse of a dream."

-- Elisabeth de Feydeau
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