Apiceuticals Stainless Steel-Crafted Essential Skincare Tools


Stainless Steel-Crafted Essential Skincare Tools

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A professional Cryo Facial experience at home. 

Soothe, Depuff, Firm 

CRYO STAINLESS STEEL GUA SHA- Shaped to be held in the hand as it massages along the skin’s surface, creating pressure and stretch at the same time. Designed with shapes that fit around facial curves for maximizing the benefits.

CRYO STAINLESS STEEL ROLLER -A rolling massage technique crafted from professional-grade stainless steel. Features a larger stone for forehead, cheeks and jaw and a smaller stone for under the eyes and around the mouth, designed to apply a cold sensation and pressure to the skin.



Releases muscle tension and activates the lymphatic system
Boosts blood circulation and improves skin’s elasticity
Tightens the pores and calms stressed skin
Fights under-eye bags, puffiness and swelling
Minimizes and prevents crow’s feet and fine lines

Brand Info

Founded by two bee-scientists in 2019, Nikos & Billy Roumeliotis are the sons of the first beekeeper to introduce Organic Beekeeping in Greece, back in 1981.

Like bees, the brothers have been constantly evolving, and in 2019 they introduced Apiceuticals, the Global Skincare Leader in Antioxidant Activity. The same year, the team was named among the Top 3 Start-ups in Greece for innovation, leadership, and sustainability.

The founders save bees from a practical standpoint through organic, sustainable, and ethical beekeeping management.
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