Annmarie Skin Care Organic Bamboo Washcloth (1 pc)

Annmarie Skin Care

Organic Bamboo Washcloth

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**Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted**

The humble washcloth should be ethical and effective, so Annmarie Skin Care imbued the Organic Bamboo Washcloth with love and intention. It combines softness with sustainability and is naturally woven from a chemical-free blend of bamboo yarn and charcoal bamboo.

Annmarie Skin Care would like to believe that this Organic Bamboo Washcloth will become a staple in your skin care routine. It is designed to thoroughly lift away impurities and makeup on a daily basis while serving all of your exfoliation needs. The end result? A vibrant, fresh-faced complexion that is perfectly primed for toning, serum application, and moisturizing.


Unique, Extra long rectangular shape - 13" x 30".

Pairs particularly well with Purifying Mud Mask. The dark, natural coloring of the Organic Bamboo Washcloth ensures that no staining will occur. Plus, its dye-free texture means that it can be wrung out after usage and hung to dry without worry.

The natural pigment of the Organic Bamboo Washcloth is achieved without any dyes, and they’re all created in a closed loop system. This ensures that all liquid runoff from fabric production is recycled (99.95%) to make more bamboo cellulose instead of being leaked into waterways. This is perhaps the most environmentally-friendly way of making bamboo cellulose and the fibers derived from that cellulose, as it also saves both energy and water.


Machine Washable.

Brand Info

Annmarie Skin Care is an organic and wildcrafted skin care company devoted to spreading the message of clean beauty while helping the world become more sustainable. They have been a trusted brand in the wellness space for over a decade and have been committed to clean beauty since day one. All of these products are made with carefully curated organic and wildcrafted ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness for your skin and body.
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