Anju Jewelry Indigo Palms Folding Travel Kit – Block Printed Cotton - unfolded (1 pc)

Anju Jewelry

Indigo Palms Folding Travel Kit – Block Printed Cotton

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These bags are made with hand block-printed cotton, a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. The beautiful patterns on the fabrics are created using wooden blocks. These blocks are hand-carved using basic tools & manual drawings. Once the blocks are ready they are dipped in natural dyes & the color patterns are transferred onto organic cotton.


- Each design involves multiple blocks & dyes which have to be carefully aligned to create a beautiful and colorful final product.
- Hand Made in India

Ingredients + Benefits

Organic Cotton.

Brand Info

Anju Jewelry is a 100% sustainable jewelry brand committed to creating hope for artisans and their families through economic empowerment. All pieces are hand-crafted in India using traditional techniques.

The roots of Anju Jewelry began in 1993 when India natives Anju & Gaurav Agarwal decided to invest in their future and move to America. After a trip back home to India, Anju and Gaurav decided to partner with a struggling artisan group and move manufacturing to India where they knew they could provide them with consistent work. After more than 9 years later, they are still working with this very same artisan group and over the years the quality of life for these workers has improved significantly.
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