All Belt No Bulk Set of 2 Belts (Naked & Noir)

All Belt No Bulk Set of 2 Belts (Naked & Noir)

SKU: 18308

This set contains two Invisibelts: one Naked (Clear) Belt and one Noir (Black) Belt.
These smooth, undetectable belts with a flat clasp provide an instant slimming effect, so you look finished and fabulous all day.
Do not try to adjust invisibelt while wearing. before placing invisibelt through your loops, do the following:

• Hold belt around waist to determine desired length.
• Hold belt by adjuster, lettings the straps hang down.
• Slowly move strip of material upward through adjusted, forming a loop.
• Gently pull material through adjuster, slide in desired direction.
• Once adjusted, slip belt through loops; fit interlocking pieces together and snap.

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