White Tiger Foaming Cleanser

White Tiger Foaming Cleanser

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White Tiger Foaming Cleanser is a one step brightening, exfoliating and hydrating treatment created for all skin types.

Tiger Grass plant stem cells are specific plant tissue culturing, taken when the plant is in its healthiest, most regenerative form. This translates into the same regenerative effects on your complexion. Harvesting the stem cells is also environmentally friendly process as no water is used to grow the plants
White Turmeric - potent antioxidant, brightens skin tone, calming

Tiger Grass Plant Extract - reduces redness, hydrates, calming, antioxidant

Concentrated Blend of 5 Botanical Extracts - brighten, exfoliate, stimulate skin cell renewal

White Willow Bark - exfoliates, combats breakouts

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
Alexandra Wagner is a veteran beauty expert, skin care specialist, and licensed esthetician who has worked on both coasts - from New York's Madison Avenue to the beaches of Los Angeles.

Known for a wealth of knowledge when it comes to holistic and natural skin care products, Alexandra uses cutting-edge technology to for a result that brings immediate (and lasting) results. She is passionate about helping people change the way they think about and care for their skin.