About Blanks Vintage Book - Assorted (1 pc) multiple books shown to represent variety
About Blanks Vintage Book - Assorted - inside spread of blank pages
About Blanks Vintage Book - Assorted - example book

About Blanks

Vintage Book - Assorted

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These sketch and notebooks are made from reused and recycled materials. Old book covers get a new life as sketchbook or notebook. They reuse old book covers by removing the old inner work and refilling the cover with sustainable blank sketch paper. Because they reuse old book covers, each About Blanks note- sketchbook is different and therefore unique.

No two are the same. Different page counts and page sizes. Random Assortment.


All About Blanks are filled with unlined blank sketch paper. The sketch paper comes from responsible sources (FSC). The paper has a light cream shade and the texture makes it perfect for sketching and making notes.

Brand Info

Each person has a personal story: About Blanks wants to make personal products as a tool to inspire and develop personal stories. We’re all one of a kind!

Every evolution, solution, success or revolution starts with an idea. Inspired by the world around us, by reusing existing materials and molding them into new combinations, new ideas can emerge. That’s exactly what happens inside About Blanks books – new ideas come to life. The company believes that ideas can change the world. They aim for a more social and sustainable world. Therefore About Blanks encourages inspiration and nurtures creativity. Just like books, each person has a personal story. By reusing old book covers About Blanks gives new life to old books. By making unique and personal products, About Blanks provides tools to inspire and develop personal stories. Every About Blanks book is unique and is crafted by hand. That is what makes them so special. We’re all one of a kind!
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