A Flower for Rose Flower Pigtail Hair Tie (2 pcs)

A Flower for Rose

Flower Pigtail Hair Tie

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This set of 2 kanzashi flowers are affixed to a bright yellow elastic hair ties. The aqua patterned fabric used to make the kanzashi flowers was purchased from a fabric shop in Paris. They are adorned with pale green glass beads.

They each measure about 3/4" in diameter. Note: color of elastic bands varies between yellow and light lime green.


Handmade in the USA.

Ingredients + Benefits

Acetate 80%, Iron 20%

Brand Info

While living in Tokyo, Japan for 2 years the founder was surrounded by beauty. One couldn't help but be inspired by the ladies wearing their kimonos to the cherry blossoms falling to the ground like rain! She learned about the art of Kanzashi flower making and was inspired by this ancient craft.

The founder creates hair pieces by hand in her home with vintage kimonos from Japan and modern cotton and linen fabrics from Japan and the U.S. She has also spent many summers in Prince Edward Island Canada and the inspiration there also influences the aesthetic.
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