Meet Karen, Our Personal Fragrance Specialist!

I am so jazzed to join the Beautyhabit team as their Personal Fragrance Specialist! I have always been fascinated by the power of scent. Smell is our strongest sense and it is amazing how one whiff can instantly transport you back to a specific memory in your life, or a quick spritz on your wrist can magically change your mood and make your whole day better!

 I have loved fragrance since I’m four years old –  it all started with a handful of colorful soaps from Europe gifted to me by my grandmother. I was so mesmerized by the aromas, I couldn’t stop smelling them! At six years old I bought my first serious perfume, and at ten I started wearing men’s fragrances. It never occurred to me that these might not be right for a little girl… I just knew they made me so happy.

 Early on I realized I processed everything through my senses, and that I think with my nose! I can chronicle every decade, turning point, important moment and remembrance in my life by the fragrances I wore.

 I created Sniffapalooza in 2002, an international live-event-based organization for fragrance enthusiasts, because I wanted to meet other kindred spirits who appreciated fragrance as much as I did. And now, many friendships and perfume forays later, I am just as enamoured of fragrance and nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing my passion!

 I can’t wait to meet all of you, Beautyhabit’s wonderful community, and bring my energy and experience to the best modern luxe apothecary on the planet!

Get ready for Virtual Fragrance Masterclasses, Personal Live Fragrance Chats, ‘Behind the Brand, Up Close & Personal’ exclusive events, a new Beautyhabit Blog, and much more. 

Karen Dubin

Personal Fragrance Specialist

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