Xander Kostroma

Xander uses semi-precious stones, elements of wood & rattan in his work. He finishes his jewelry with either 925 Sterling Silver or 14k gold plated components. All the jewelry he produces is nickel-free. (He is also allergic!)

Xander is based in Lisbon, Portugal and it's from his home studio that all styles are initially created. Once a design is finalized, the sample for production is recorded digitally and emailed to his friend Lydia who is Head of Jewelry Production and is based in Handan City, China. It’s from Lydia's studio, with the help of her two, (soon to be three!) assistants; Lily & Pinna that the jewelry production is carried out. The women, led by Lydia’s expertise, hand-make all pieces of jewelry including suncatchers for the brand.

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