Chic diffusers translating the aromas of Italian wine regions into pure sensory art. Each bottle is refillable for everlasting enjoyment - Handmade in Italy, a treasure to behold. 

Through the cooperation of Sergio Scaglietti, famous car designer from Modena, and the Company owned by and named after his nephew Simone, the new home fragrance collection UT OLET VINUM was born. Its aim is to let people discover the fragrances linked to the world of wines; starting from Lambrusco, typical local wine from Modena, and extending the olfactory rose to the most famous Italian wines. 

All ingredients are natural, aimed at reducing the risk of allergies, and packaging components are recyclable materials and chemical free for a better world for all. 

Encased in an elegant brown carton box, the bottles are sealed in red wax. The bamboo sticks are bundled and wrapped with satin ribbons of the same color as the box.


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