PHYTO Huile Supreme Rich Smoothing Oil - 1 oz



Huile Supreme Rich Smoothing Oil

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For Dry, Thick & Rebellious Hair.

A rich beautifying oil that delivers sublime nutrition to dry, impossibly thick hair with a bit of devolumization, leaving it smooth, sleek and totally manageable. 99% natural.


Huile Supreme is a rich, beautifying treatment oil that instantly absorbs into the hair while delivering deep down nutrition. The versatile formula can be used prior to blowdrying or as a finishing touch to discipline thick and rebellious hair. Just a few drops creates perfectly defined curls and reduces excess volume. 99% natural, silicone-free formula will turn the most unruly hair into healthier, smoother, shinier, more manageable tresses.


•Start with one pump and rub between hands. Apply more if needed. Distribute evenly concentrating on mid-shafts and ends. •Pre-Blow dry: Apply to towel-dried hair, comb through and blow dry as normal for additional protection. •Finishing:Work into the ends of the hair to control frizz, smooth and style. •Touch-up:Apply a drop to ends throughout the day for a touch of shine as needed. Creates beautiful, perfectly defined curls and reduces excess volume. Do not overuse.

Ingredients + Benefits

Key Ingredients:
Macadamia oil: nourishes, softens and protects
Roucou oil: anti-aging benefits
Botanical squalane: tames frizz, restores elasticity and shine

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

In the lush countryside of Southern France, the most alluring plants grow. It was nearly 50 years ago and in this fertile land that Mr. Patrick Ales, one of Paris’ legendary hair stylists, captured this magic and married his two passions: hair and plants. A true visionary, Mr. Ales paved the way for botanical hair care long before the emergence of environmental awareness and “green” hair care trends.

PHYTO continues to explore the world in search of the finest ingredients. Overall, their formulas contain over 500 active botanical ingredients and are 95% botanical. Their scientists extract the most active molecules found in the root, flower, bud, fruit, resin, or seeds.

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