Herb Lester Associates Meet Me In Milan Map (1 pc)
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Herb Lester Associates

Meet Me In Milan Travel Map

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Milan hides its greatest assets, they sit behind walls, through courtyards, up a flight of stairs – and this guide will take you to them. Away from the towering duomo and galleria Vittorio Emanuele II with its roll call of glamorous global brands are backstreet trattorias, a botanical garden and specialist shops of all stripes. Walk a little further for a futurist cocktail bar, second-hand bookshops, house museums and extraordinary private art collections.

This guide takes in all this, leading you from fondazione prada to a humble osteria in just a few paces. It’s a survey of Milan's glamour and its grit in 39 handpicked selections.

Measures approx.: 4.25" L x 6" H.


Made in the United Kingdom.

Brand Info

Herb Lester was started in 2010, making simple folded guides to the cities they love. They still publish these guides, and have gone on to expand their range, publishing books and a selection of products: notepads from fictional hotels; mini menu translators; playing cards with useful phrases for travelers; tear-resistant luggage tags. It’s their intention to have a distinctive voice and follow their interests rather than respond to passing fashions. Everything they include in their guides and everything they do is because they like it and think their readers will too.

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