Southside Plants

Southside Plants was grown from a houseplant enthusiast that lacked a green thumb.

Although the founder has a Wildlife Biology degree, she had always struggled with keeping several plants happy at once. After much trial and error, and the sacrifice of many houseplants, she was finally able to find a way to keep these plants alive and well.  After mastering her hobby, the founder decided to push the limits by seeing if she could grow her own houseplants from scratch. With much persistence, research, more trial-and-error, and the sacrifice of a few more plants; she was able to create their flag post product the Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste. She had found herself nearly buried with all the new plants she had cloned, and decided to share this product with other houseplant enthusiasts. The success of this product led to her discovery of the need for other affordable and effective plant care products for the houseplant gardener. She realized that there were many houseplant enthusiasts like her, who lacked convenient access to superior houseplant soils, fertilizers, and growing hormones at an affordable price. 

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