Shamblin Shop Black Match Striker shown without matches - but matches are included
Shamblin Shop Black Match Striker with matches

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Black Ceramic Match Striker

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Ceramic match striker. Use the unglazed roof of the match striker to ignite a strike-anywhere match and get rid of unsightly match boxes by storing them in the match striker hut. Each piece comes with a match paper sticker on the bottom to be used with regular matches in a pinch.

Measures approx. 3 1/2" wide x 2" high. Hand made items vary in size. 


- Materials: speckled clay and food safe glaze.
- Each piece of pottery is handmade, therefore some may vary slightly in color and size.
- Made in United States of America.
- Comes with a small supply of wooden matches.

Brand Info

"As a child I was a craft enthusiast, trying out every craft I could get my hands on but just couldn't find one that came naturally to me. It wasn't until moving to Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY that I stumbled upon pottery making classes. Soon after that I began stock piling ceramic supplies and slowly building up my inventory for my own studio. I learn something new everyday with this craft and fell in love with the endless possibilities of it."

-- Samantha, Founder

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