Pall Mall Barbers

Pall Mall Barbers is one of the oldest and most respected barber shop businesses in Central London. Their stores evoke the notion of the traditional British barber shop era - oak panelling, front-wash sinks and retro-style fittings combine seamlessly to reflect the upmost in style and quality.

Professionalism and expertise are at their core. Pall Mall Barbers goes beyond providing an exceptional service, to impart invaluable advice to gentleman seeking to improve their grooming rituals. They aim to encourage and support a new breed of gentleman; one whom appreciates both the traditions of male grooming and the modern approach to haircare, who is looking to blend the best of both to achieve their desired look.

They adopt a modem approach to hairstyling, haircare, shaving, beard and skincare. They don't just supply the best products; they also supply the knowledge of how to use them to maximum effect. By passing on their expertise to their clients, they ensure clients are looking and feeling their best and prepared for anything, whether they have just left the barbershop, their home, or the gym.


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Men's Skincare + Shaving

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