Opalis Paris

Looking after your hair does not have to be a chore but a pleasure. Choose Opalis for the simplicity and effectiveness of the range.

Just like with skin, taking care of one’s hair is an essential part of one’s beauty routine. 

OPALIS range is deliberately simple and easy. It comprises only seven products: one fluid shampoo, three shampoos cream, a conditioning cream, an oil and a lotion. 

Each product can be used on its own or can be combined with any other to tailor to the individual need of your hair and scalp (dryness, lifelessness, dandruff, itchiness…). 

The simplicity and versatility of the range facilitate fast results without fuss.   OPALIS products are highly concentrated in natural active ingredients (essential oils, vegetal oils and vegetal extracts) which ensure optimum effectiveness. Results are visible rapidly. 

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