Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, Nucifera is a raw, plant-based line of products centralized on the healing properties of the coconut and the belief that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it.

Their first and most versatile product, THE BALM, is a blend of highly-effective raw, organic, plant-based ingredients selected for the ability to nourish your body’s natural well-being. Each jar is formulated by hand and delicately scented with wild-crafted essential oils to elevate your senses and ground your spirit. Use THE BALM to moisturize all over, remove dirt and makeup, condition hair, improve dry skin conditions, treat acne problems, minimize wrinkles, reduce inflammation and so much more.


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The Balm

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Nourish your beauty from the outside in with this distinctive blend of the most healing and effective plant-based butters and oils found on earth. Apply this versatile product abundantly to your face, hair, scalp, skin, hands, feet, nails and more to experience this all-in-one creation.
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