Honore des Pres Honore's Trip Eau de Toilette (50 ml) in packaging
Honore des Pres Honore's Trip Eau de Toilette (50 ml) bottle

Honore des Pres

Honore's Trip Eau de Toilette

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This perfume was created for and by Honoré des Prés.
An explosive cocktail of pure tangerine extracts, Mediterranean oranges, all yellow and green lemons, together with spicy pepper taken from trees in the Philippines Islands.

Why we're addicted: A relaxing fragrance is a prerequisite for happiness, fantastic for good vibrations and positive energies. This Eau de Toilettte is perfect for busy people who want to bask in the moment. 


Tangerine, Oranges, Lemons, Spicy Pepper.

Honore wanted his perfumes covered by a jar to preserve them and reinforce their magic. Every jar is a telling story: they are protecting the freshness of pure extracts. Honoré's Jars, made by Honoré, tell the story of natural perfume. Homemade with care and easily stored, like his small cousin's jars of jam, ready to be given as a gift. Honore's verrines are made with simple ingredients and love.

Trip is saturated with citrus fruit, saturated with color, saturated with Mediterranean fruit, saturated with “sun and sea” and saturated with freshness. For this reason he was perpetually in love. Every morning on his terrace-island, he had a shower under 100% wild rain water collected in his tub and would totally indulge in sipping fruit juice as an olfactory “perfusion”. And each morning, he would have the same vision: the silhouette of the fruit of future happiness. The better half of his orange was approaching him, radiant, serene, and flamboyant. He brimmed with pure joy! Indispensable for visions of happiness, necessary to get going.

The first truly famous "Nature perfumer" to create perfume "a cappella" was a woman. Olivia Giacobetti.

She offers the best in French perfumery quality and creativity. Iconoclast and totally free, Olivia Giacobetti does not compromise on her sense of beauty or style. She was the first to accept the challenge of creating unique and perfectly organic perfumes, in her personal, subtle and in-depth way. Her creations are free of all influence, have her personal and direct signature enabling the imagination to wander.

ECOCERT - To be certified, all Honoré des Prés perfumes' ingredients are the best “bio love” has to offer:
100% natural origin
100% of the botanical ingredients are produced using organic farming methods.

Ingredients + Benefits

Alcohol, Frangrance, Water, Citral, Limonene

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Honoré des Prés is a modern perfume House "set in Parisian greenery" and established to bring together all available professional and artistic talents to serve simple and benevolent ecology. Farming engineers, cardboard craftsmen, tomorrow’s organic laboratory, enchanted perfumers and imagination designers all work together to change the perfume world.

Having admired the work of Olivia Giacobetti for years as she was creating unprecedented perfumes, the Honoré des Prés family decided to work with her to establish a new, luxurious line of entirely ECOCERT fragrances of natural origin. Heeding her progressive creative perceptions, Giacobetti invented the vistas, refuges and relief of this island of nature, which Honoré – an eternal Bohemian teenager – was searching for in Garden Parties. Honoré des Prés and his family wished to celebrate life. Together with Olivia Giacobetti they have created the first Pure Extracts of Nature, 100% of natural origin and carrying the ECOCERT label.

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