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Max and Tanja wish to take skincare to another level. They invite us on a journey to our inner light and true beauty while working with the higher energies and healing powers of nature. Showing us the wholeness that is inside us, realigning us with own innate healing abilities, and guiding us into shining radiance. 

The most important ingredient of all max and me compositions is high vibration; making their products more potent in their effectiveness and suffusing your whole being with an exquisite harmony.

The products are gorgeous culminations of the plants’ inspiring journey from sun-kissed places to the rare composition by max and me. The blends are hand-succussed (LM potentized) meaning their energetic effect is intensified while creating a soft, gentle flow. Violet glass bottles are used so the content is energetically reinforced and protected. 

Max and Tanja create, blend and bottle their finely scented compositions in the magically beautiful max and me manufactory where each detail has been coordinated with loving dedication.


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