Artisans and Adventurers Green Kilim Soap Dish (1 pc)
Artisans and Adventurers Green Kilim Soap Dish shown in a lifestyle setting on a kitchen counter by a bar of soap

Artisans and Adventurers

Green Kilim Soap Dish

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This green and red patterned soap dish is ideal for holding onto all those beautiful floral soaps you've been stocking up on! Beautifully hand painted, these ceramic soap dishes are perfect for jazzing up the bathroom or kitchen sink.


Made using a traditional Indian Frit, composed of quartz stone powder, powdered glass, tragacanth gum, saji, fullers earth clay and water rather than traditional stoneware clay, the dishes are then low fired to bind the ingredients.

- Measures approx 5" Long x 3 3/4" Wide x 1 3/8" High
- Made in India

Brand Info

Craft development expert Bee Friedmann first met designer, Amy Fleuriot Reade while walking their dogs Hiro and Wolf, in London Fields Park in Hackney. Bee and Amy quickly discovered a common love for design, animals and adventure, and set off together on a six week product development trip to Kenya.

The brand officially launched in the Summer of 2013 with a collection of vibrant, ethically made jewelry and has grown to include homeware, decorations and art designed by Amy and sourced by Bee from artisans around the world. Currently working with 32 artisan groups between Africa, India and the UK, Artisans & Adventurers gives traditional craft modern appeal by combining their unique aesthetic with a love of color and print.

The Kent-based brand produces its collections in collaboration with small-scale artisans and craft groups that would otherwise not have access to international markets. One such group in Kenya offers people with physical disabilities the opportunity for better livelihoods through training and employment.

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