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Florere is a different kind of company. Their philosophy is simple, and the name embraces their philosophy, too. From the latin verb ‘florere’ (pronounced "flow-rare") - it means ‘to bloom, or flourish, like a flower.’

Think of your skin as a flower. What does a flower need to flourish? Harsh chemicals? Artificial anything? No. Pure, natural ingredients? Yes.

At Florere, they believe that the products you put on your skin should be as wholesome as the products you put on your plate. Their products are simple, yet highly effective, harnessing the natural powers of plants and minerals with skin soothing “good for you” ingredients. They never use artificial fragrances or colors, propylene glycol, petroleum by-products, silicones, parabens or aluminum chlorohydrate because they believe natural is better.

It’s time to re-think how you treat your skin. It’s time to nourish the flower within.

Florere Holistic Skincare

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Deodorant Cream

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The original Deodorant Cream by Florere is a vegan patent pending deodorant formula which was formulated without aluminum chlorohydrate, propylene glycol or harsh chemicals which can irritate the skin. The unique formulation is gentle and healing, and provides long lasting protection. For all skin types.
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