Ebba Perfumes

The culmination of all the things that made one little girl feel "abundant within," and if you can feel your own abundance, anything is possible.

When Viktoria was a child, you would most likely have found her in her tiny second floor bathroom mixing batches of her lotions and potions, clogging up the drains with all sorts of "unusual and special ingredients". When Ebba, Viktoria's Mom would call upstairs to her daughter asking what she was up to, she would usually get the same squeaky reply: "Mom I'm busy creating."  Not much has changed since then, except perhaps the bathroom and the ingredients. 

Established in 2001, Viktoria opened the original 'Ebba Los Angeles' store on Melrose ave, and quickly won the accolades of locals and visitors for the intriguing, fresh scent of Miss Marisa.  Bi-coastal co-owners Viktoria Fisch and Casey Yudovin met in 2009 and have been "creative soul-mates" ever since. Viktoria lives in New York and owns the beautiful Ebba store in Katonah. Casey runs the online & wholesale facility in Los Angeles.


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