Conscious Cosmetics

CONSCIOUS COSMETICS (CCMRH) is a purveyor of natural beauty products rooted in the Scandinavian devotion to health and wellness.

Founded in 2010 by Malene Rosenberg Hansen, a Danish-Canadian beauty product developer for the eco-conscious spa and fashion industries, CCMRH original products are ethically and sustainably formulated, tested, produced, and packaged. A holistic take on the science of beauty, this line of artisanal small-batch cosmetics exceeds international health standards by using only the finest ingredients our world has to offer.

With deep regard to luxury and pleasure, this exceptional line of unique high-performance products takes time, patience, and a little magic to create. CCMRH does this because it matters. Because they believe in revolutionary beauty, unapologetic sensuality, and the power of transformational products that are true, kind, and necessary for the well-being of all.

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