The journey began in 1988 when travel accessories were very basic and not very comfortable. Cloudz helped to redefine & shape the industry, 

Clöudz is continuously looking for better ways to produce products, more effective solutions for travelers, and ways to improve their already highly- rated customer care. Ideas for new Clöudz products are pooled from a collective wealth of market research and traveler experience studies; but perhaps most importantly, Cloudz listens to their customers. Clöudz products and displays have been featured in several Hollywood blockbuster films, mainstream magazines, travel blogs, and TV. For two years in a row, Clöudz was even chosen as the official supplier of travel accessories for the International Travel Adventure Competition, “Global Scavenger Hunt," which crowns The World's Greatest Travelers™ 

One might say that the Journey has just gotten started. Cloudz' pledge is to Always Take Your Journey Seriously.


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