Cleaning Essentials 32 oz Wet Wipes Container with lid off
Cleaning Essentials 32 oz Wet Wipes Container shown with some towels and hand adding essential oils (not included)
Cleaning Essentials 32 oz Wet Wipes Container showing some wipes in solution (solution not included)

Cleaning Essentials

32 oz Wet Wipes Container

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Wet Wipes - reimagined.

Introducing Cleaning Essentials’ reusable DIY wet wipes container! The durable glass jar features three recipes for gentle, all-purpose, and heavy-duty homemade cleaning wipes. These recipes are made with safe, non-toxic ingredients found in your home.

Contains reclaimed cotton cloths for wiping down everything from the car to the bathroom, kitchen, fridge, counters, etc. 


3 Recipes: All-Purpose, Gentle & Heavy Duty
Clean & disinfect naturally with powerful essential oils
Eliminate toxic chemicals & Stop throwing away disposable wipes.
Make your own non-toxic homemade cleaning products
Save money and the environment!


Simply rinse out the wipes or run through the wash and they're ready again. Waste free wipes!

If you have reusable cloth wipes, use those, if not, take an old plain white cotton t-shirt and cut it up into 10-12 small squares. After you make the wipe solution, add the cloth squares and let them absorb the solution.

You’ll be helping your family live with less chemicals, you’ll be saving the environment from the damaging effects of disposable wipes, and you’ll be saving money, too!

Ingredients + Benefits

Amber Glass bottle and plastic pump.

Brand Info

Plastic Free, Chemical Free, Minimalist, Zero Waste, lifestyles that many customers aspire to but find hard to achieve. Cleaning Essentials exists to help people reduce the amount of chemicals used, and waste created by making it easy to create simple, effective, and safe cleaners.

Martha and Mike Robinson started Cleaning Essentials after the birth of their first child. Looking for a way to reduce the amount of chemicals they used in the home, Martha and Mike began experimenting with DIY homemade cleaners. They found there was an overwhelming amount of confusing information circulating online and finding durable reusable containers was a challenge. The idea was born; to take simple, effective and safe cleaning recipes and print them directly onto durable, reusable glass containers. The result is a reduction in chemicals used in the home and a reduction in single use plastic waste.

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