Paper & Tea Iced Tea Selection 6 bags

Paper and Tea

Iced Tea Selection (Organic)

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A selection of six fine Iced Teas.

Includes 1 bag each of:
Mighty Green No. 319
Pu Er Bai Ya No. 108
Tip of the Morning No. 518
Mint Julep No. 715
Berry Pomp No. 819
Kipling's Cup No. 513


Mighty Green No. 319 - Meadow Grasses, Fresh Herbs, Green Tomatoes

Pu Er Bai Ya No. 108 - Sweet, Vegetal, Cedar, Hay

Tip of the Morning No. 518 - Malty, Honey, Biscuits

Mint Julep No. 715 - Fresh Mont, Lemon, Toasty Green

Berry Pomp No. 819 - Forest Berries, Blueberry, Cherry, Hibiscus

Kipling's Cup No. 513 - Fruity, Citrus, Eucalyptus

Ingredients + Benefits

Mighty Green No. 319

Pu Er Bai Ya No. 108 - Pure White Tea

Tip of the Morning No. 518 - Indian Black Tea

Mint Julep No. 715 - Chinese Green Tea (64%), Citrus Peels, Jasmine Green Tea (10%), Liquorice Root, Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle

Berry Pomp No. 819 - Elderberries, Hibiscus Flowers, Apple Bits, Beetroot Bits, Citrus Peels, Strawberry Bits, Rose Petals, Black Currants, Blueberries, Cherries

Kipling's Cup No. 513 - Pure Black Tea

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

P & T is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin.

They are inspired by tea’s legacy throughout the ages as an agent of communication, creativity and culture. With this mindset, they interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a creative and fulfilling modern lifestyle.

They are committed to an ongoing exploration of the world’s finest teas. They are constantly taste-testing new crops and special varieties to add to their offering. They carry only whole-leaf, hand-processed and single-garden tea of the highest grade, sourced at origin to foster a sense of mutual respect and gratitude with their makers.

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