Lovewild Design Catnip Seed Coins (20 pcs)

Lovewild Design

Catnip Seed Coins

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Grow your own Catnip! 

Keeping with it's namesake, catnip will make your cat enjoyably loopy. While it is surely fun to watch your critter roll around and purr, it's also interesting to note that catnip serves as a natural mosquito and fly repellant.


Catnip seed coins are made of recycled paper pulp embedded with seeds. Then each coin is letterpress printed and they are tied in a stack of 20 coins fastened with hemp twine. The set is tucked in a gift bag with planting instructions.


We recommend planting approximately five coins per 5 inches.

Brand Info

Lovewild Design makes handcrafted, sustainable gifts from the family and women-run studio in Brooklyn, NY. Their signature paper products are embedded with seeds that grow when planted.

Just like those tiny seedlings, Lovewild has grown as the family grows. They started with their own wedding invitations, expanded to home and bath goods, and added pregnancy-specific goods when the family grew by a little one.

The family's days in the studio are spent crafting handmade lovelies.

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