ButterNut of London

Founder, Zoe Roberts, was inspired to create ButterNut of London as a result of her life-long passion for peanut butter. Inspired by her home city of London; its fusion of cultures and global flavors, and her love of food, Zoe crafts daring flavor combinations and delivers them up in sensational nutty pleasures.

“For me cooking and eating together is an integral part of my family and social life. Whether we’re celebrating, commiserating… or just simply being. I believe food is so much more than sustenance. It’s creativity, pleasure, culture, tradition, therapy, unity…. Nothing brings people together like good food!”

The result is a range of award-winning small batch nutty feasts made to meticulous standards from ethically sourced organic ingredients. At ButterNut of London everything they make bursts with flavor and big ideals!


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