Brewer & Marr Glassworks Movement Three Sun Catcher: Plum shown hanging in front of a window
Brewer & Marr Glassworks Movement Three Sun Catcher: Plum

Brewer & Marr Glassworks

Glassworks Movement Three Sun Catcher: Plum

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A modern three-piece movement for your home. Once this rainbow inspired piece is positioned next to an opened window it will catch the breeze, spinning, and dapple vivid color across your space. Each piece of glass is hand cut, shaped, and soldered, then finished in silver and laced with hand-dyed leather.

Measures: 8 3/4" Wide x 4 1/4" High


- For maximum color saturation, position sun catcher in front of, or by, a window.
- Indoor use only. Finish - Silver.
- Made in United States of America

Brand Info

Chelsea Brewer of Brewer & Marr Glassworks is a modern glass artist based in Visalia, CA.

Her love of light, color, and texture is reflected in her chosen stained glass medium and minimal approach to design. The most recent pieces have a strong emphasis on sculptural movement & freedom allowing for more playful interaction with their environment.

Chelsea's stained glass sun catchers have been featured in Sunset Magazine, Talisen West the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Gift Shop, the Desert Botanical Garden Gift Shop, and more boutique retail shops across the country.

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