Blu Kat Jade Bracelet (1 pc)
Blu Kat Jade Bracelet on card as received
Blu Kat Jade Bracelet - on model's arm while she is wearing another dainty bracelet and her hand  has a child's hand resting atop her own.


Jade Bracelet

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A pretty and beautiful jade stone bracelet to wear every day, brings happiness and prosperity! The bracelet is made of genuine jade stone with Blu Kat's cat charm in gold colored brass. The green jade is a perfect neutral and works beautifully with most other jewelry and colors.

In China, jade is an old traditional stone known as the "Lucky stone". The jade stone is said to bring happiness, prosperity and good health, as well as protect against evil forces.


- One size (adult) - fits most - elastic string.
- Made in Sweden.

Brand Info

BLU KAT is a Swedish lifestyle brand, based in Stockholm. The company designs products in many different categories, from accessories to art.

BLU KAT accessories and throws are designed by the owner Katarina Sjöblom.

BLU ART is the art print collection where they collaborate with different artists from all over the world to create a unique and modern collection.

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