Bi Mat Cay

Everything Balm Balm makes is 100% Organic. Balms are all made from the same five basic ingredients, shea butter, beeswax, sunflower, calendula and jojoba oils.

From the Mekong shore to the Tonkin mountains, from the memories of childhood to the smiles of Vietnamese people, we took back these recipes of well-being and comfort. Bi Mat Cay transcended them by reformulating them and extracted four precious balms and creams from them. 

These plants have typical scents and are a link between past and present, between the West and the Far East. 

Bi Mat Cay

Hands, Feet + Legs

Hand Balm
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Hand Balm


Hand Balm

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Soothes and freshens.

Eucalyptus, menthol, camphor and hybrid lavender make you feel like traveling from the Mekong banks to the Tonkin mountains.

This balm for chapped or damaged hands and feet helps gently repair callosities and cracks. It helps restore the hydrolipidic film without grease and immediately softens, purifies and moisturizes the skin.

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