Limited Edition Compact Case CS (020)

Paul & Joe Beaute

Limited Edition Compact Case CS (020)

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Guarantees stress-free transportation for on-the-go cheek (or eye) color from morning to night! It's multi-functional, has a snap and go closure, minimizes space in your purse and supports an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This stylish floral print is inspired by a French rose garden in bloom. 

*Please note compact does not contain Color. (Colors are sold separately)

Creamy Blush Refill
Limited Edition Cheek Color Refill
Powder Blush Refill

Eyebrow Powder Duo Refill
Eye Color Palette Refill
Limited Edition Eye Color Trio CS


The full appeal of PAUL & JOE condensed into these adorable paper compacts with a fabric design.


Use with a dedicated Paul & Joe Beaute cosmetics product, sold separately.

Brand Info

Injecting all the Parisian charm of her fashion collection into her cosmetics range, Sophie Mechaly's adorable limited edition collections feature prints from her seasonal fashion line. Expect to find high-quality, innovative skincare and color cosmetics in a selection of sophisticated, wearable shades - all with a touch of whimsical Parisian je ne sais quoi.

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