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"Love the air you breathe."

The Mexico 1531 fragrance weaves Damask, also known as Castilian rose, with the cool, mineral scent of soil. It is a fresh blend with incredible depth that is neither masculine nor feminine.


In December of 1531, a resplendent maiden from heaven began appearing to a humble Aztec man from a village near Mexico City. And at a time and place when one powerful empire was falling at the hands of another, she came with a message of heaven’s love for all people. At dawn on December 12th, during their last visit with one another, she asked him to pick a profusion of Castilian roses from the frozen soil on a nearby hill, with the request that he bring them to the local Spanish bishop as a sign of her visit to the land. Mexico, 1531 is an olfactory snapshot of that scene.

The Mexico 1531 candle is made from clean-burning natural coconut wax.
Encased in a high-quality 11 oz. glass vessel, this 9 oz. candle will provide approximately 60 hours of burn time.
The outer packaging is an elegant, gift-ready canister that can be re-used to hold all sorts of odds and ends…from paper clips to cotton balls.

Stores that burn the Mexico 1531 candle report that it has literally drawn people in off the street, and many loyal customers claim it is their go-to candle when they want to feel grounded and calm. The slogan “love the air you breathe” was penned on Instagram by a store owner who fell in love with the fragrance.


To reduce soothing, trim wick to 1/4" before lighting and each time candle is re-lit.
Use in ventilated area and free from drafts.
Burn in suitable holder.

Burn within sight.
Keep away from things that catch fire.
Keep away from children and pets.

Burn at least one hour per inch of candle diameter each time the candle is lit to ensure the best burning efficiency.
Do not burn longer than four hours at one time.

Ingredients + Benefits

Coconut wax

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Mexico 1531 was developed by Marlene Stang, whose journey into scent creation began with an apprenticeship under renowned niche perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran in 2002. For nearly a decade, Marlene served as her Senior Perfumer at Sarah Horowitz Parfums, and discovered a passion for developing fragrances that evoke a specific time and place.

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