Ben's Garden A Party Without Cake Amusing Napkin Set (40 pc)
Ben's Garden A Party Without Cake Amusing Napkin Set showing in front of a cake print

Ben's Garden

A Party Without Cake Amusing Napkin Set

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Ben thinks no detail is too small. He also thinks every day should be wonderful and that there is nothing wonderful about a regular, thin beverage napkin.

Enjoy a proper cocktail and add just a bit of cheer with each premium inspired cocktail napkins. 

*Each napkin measures approx.: 5" x 5" 


Drink after drink, each is sure to make you smile and give guests a party they will not forget. Each BEN'S GARDEN amusing cocktail napkin set will entertain 40 guests comfortably and surely deliver a smile with style.

Made in United States of America

Brand Info

It all started back in 1992, when Ben Busko was just 8 years old, selling decoupage inspired by his garden. Armed with a paint brush, Ben developed his design sensibility and technique piece by piece; using imagery, a colorful palette and words in entirely new ways; and Ben's Garden was born. Ben’s charming designs are individually handcrafted using traditional artisan techniques honored for centuries, all made in New York City.

What began as Ben's passion for sharing his colorful and thoughtful world transformed into opportunities for his customers. To share a bit about themselves, surround themselves with things they love, share a bit of wit and an appreciation for fashion. It all wonderfully results in turning a house into a home!
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