Argentum La Lune Sur L'Eau Fina Silk Sea Sponge (1 pc)
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La Lune Sur L'Eau Fina Silk Sea Sponge

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Inspired by the reflection of the full moon, la lune sur l’eau, or moon on the water (as it is in English) - promotes a moment of clarity as you let go of the things that no longer serve you by gently cleansing your skin.

This sponge is one of the most caring ways to cleanse, massage and gently polish your skin by smoothing over fine lines and effortlessly removing make-up. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the 100% natural fina silk sea sponge is sustainable, hypoallergenic and perfect to use as part of your daily cleansing ritual.


By the light of the moon and from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, Argentum introduces la lune sur l’eau, an ethically harvested fina silk sea sponge. Handpicked using traditional methods, divers cut the sponge at the base, leaving the roots intact, which allows them to re-grow. la lune sur l’eau is biodegradable and naturally antimicrobial.

Each fina silk sea sponge contains 1 of 12 archetype cards ~ delivered by chance but always with love. With a sense of fun, Argentum invites you to draw energy from the imagery and symbolism, to help reflect your subconscious. The idea is to acknowledge inner beauty ~ focus on their message to inspire balance and harmony within. With every new moon discover what your archetype oracle may reveal to you...

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No two sponges are the same ~ when you first hold la lune sur l’eau you’ll feel its natural structure is firm, but under running water becomes super-soft and silky.

To use in combination with your cleanser, soak la lune sur l’eau in water and gently squeeze out any excess. You’ll notice the fina silk sea sponge absorbs and holds as much or as little water as you’d like, and this offers perfect control when cleansing and rinsing to reveal a clean complexion.

To care for your sponge, rinse in warm water and squeeze gently after every use, then allow to dry naturally where air can circulate.

Ingredients + Benefits

Fina Silk Sea Sponge

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Brand Info

ARgENTUM utilizes the inherent strength of silver to deliver la potion infinie. After many years of research in the field of anti-aging ARgENTUM has formulated a patent pending fusion of two vital ingredients – Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. The result is a natural, super hydrating cream that may visibly improve fine lines, wrinkles and the overall texture of your skin. la potion infinie is made gradually and meticulously with precious ingredients sourced from all over the world. It is produced in very small batches to maintain purity and efficacy.

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