Andree Jardin Solid Dish Washing Soap - Lemon Mint (250 g)
Andree Jardin Solid Dish Washing Soap - Lemon Mint Lifestyle shot

Andree Jardin

Solid Dish Washing Soap - Lemon Mint

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Ecological & zero plastic waste Andrée Jardin presents their yellow Lemon Mint Solid Dish washing soap.

With Marseille soap made from organic olive oil, vinegar and natural scents, it deeply cleans and degreases dishes, while being gentle on the skin.


Its high content of vegetable raw materials makes it a product that does not leave chemical residues on the dishes.


Rub a damp sponge or brush directly on the solid soap bar to create a lather and scrub away at your glassware and dishes.
Rinse the dishes in the water.
Rinse the dishes with hot water.

Ingredients + Benefits

Soap: 30% or more. Contains Perfume. Contains L-Carvone. Can produce an allergic reaction.

Brand Info

Andrée Jardin is reviving the craft of what were once called "Paris articles:" hairbrushes, clothes brushes, house brushes, brooms and more. Promising simplicity, quality and durability, Andrée Jardin designs and manufactures essentials for the home and body that are equal parts useful, well-made and beautiful.

Made in France with the finest raw materials since 1947.

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