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ANDA Gua Sha Set (2 pcs)


Gua Sha Set

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The energy of Sibin Bian stone combines with time-honored Gua Sha facial massage in this 2-piece set with easy-to-follow guide.

Small Sibin Bian Gua Sha Board
Large Sibin Bian Gua Sha Board
Step-by-step instruction guide
Logo storage pouch


Tension-reducing method with two Gua Sha board sizes boosts elasticity, smoothness and glow.

The ANDA Sibin Bian Gua Sha Set helps improve firmness, radiance and hydration as it eases tension and inflammation. Crafted in mineral-rich Sibin Bian stone, it also creates energy on contact to help stimulate, detoxify and combat skin aging. A vital combination.


After applying balm or oil, follow the steps in the included guide to see immediate and cumulative results.

ANDA Super Nutrient Balm or Vitalessence Serum-Oil makes the perfect Gua Sha massage medium.

Brand Info

From the Swedish for "breath" ANDA is a cleansing breath for skin & soul.

A Testament to Honor
We honor the beauty that lies within us.
We honor the power of pausing to breathe.
We honor the winders earth bestows on us.
We honor the legacy of Charlene Florian.
It is with honor, gratitude and grace that Kerstin Florian brings you ANDA.

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