Alaska Glacial Mud Co.

Where the river meets the sea...The luxurious spa quality of glacial mud is well known by Alaskans who grow up bathing in its buttery texture.

Mountainous glaciers blanketing the basin have been melting since the last ice age ended, depositing massive amounts of glacial silt downstream, upwards of 60-100 million tons per year. The lower watershed, the Copper River Delta, is a coastal plain that spans over 700,000 acres and stretches almost seventy-five miles along the coast. The Copper River carries one of the largest river sediment loads known and over the past eight thousand years, the river has built up a layer of silt over 600 feet deep as it leaves the Chugach Mountains and enters the coastal plain. These depositions have formed the Copper River Delta and where the Alaska Glacial Mud Co. harvests. 

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