Sqirl Masumoto Farms Flavorcrest Peach Fruit Spread (7.75 oz)


Masumoto Farms Flavorcrest Peach Fruit Spread

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Flavorcrests are early ripening, quintessentially California peaches with long shelf lives. They are large and round with firm yellow fruit, rich in flavor, surrounded by bright red skin.

Sqirl gets their flavorcrest peaches from Masumoto Family Farm, ​​one of the most incredible certified organic stone fruit farms in all of America,

Ingredients + Benefits

*Flavorcrest Peaches, *Cane Sugar, *Lemon Juice.

*Certified Organic

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Jam is the Sqirl creation story. Now an internationally recognized breakfast and lunch restaurant in Virgil Village, Los Angeles, Sqirl started as a tiny jam company. And everything since then has radiated from this jam-making genesis. Sqirl jam has become much more than capturing in-season, of-the-moment fruit. It has always connected to the seasons, to the farmers. And now, more than a decade later, it's a holistic part of everything Sqirl does every day.

The journey of a piece of fruit from flower to jar touches many hands: at the farm, within Sqirl's kitchen, and finally to wherever a jar is squirreled away. Sqirl jam directly supports over 40 fruit farmers in California. Sqirl is dedicated to preserving unique varieties of produce—varieties with history and flavor vibrancy that are rare to find in the world of jam...in the world in general. This is so important to Sqirl: the way that rare fruits keep them engaged and working closely with farmers doing their extraordinary work, and in turn, how customers allow for that connection to continue to grow and for these fruits to continue to have a reason to be grown.

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