Southside Plants Plant Cleaning Wipes (80 wipes)
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Southside Plants

Plant Cleaning Wipes

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A dust free plant is a healthy plant! Practicing good plant maintenance and wiping down grime helps create a healthier habitat naturally.

Southside Plants Plant Wipes are large, extra-thick wipes made of 100% plant-based fibers with naturally derived ingredients including purified water and cinnamon extract. They are made with a soft-waffle patterned environmentally friendly fiber. The fiber is made from wood pulp and is a 100% renewable. 


REMOVE DUST AND WATER SPOTS - Extra large natural wipes are moist and convenient for wiping down the leaves of your plant cleaning out your plants pores and allowing better photosynthesis. Soft waffle-weave pattern lifts dust and dirt leaving leaves clean and shiny.

NATURAL LEAF SHINE - Stop using mineral oil, mayonnaise, or chemical filled plant leaf cleaning treatments! Cleansing wipes use gentle moisture and 100% plant based fibers to remove residue, dirt, and grime build up.

GET THE MOST GROWTH OUT OF YOUR WINDOW - Removing dust off indoor houseplants can help plants photosynthesize and get the most energy out of lower light conditions.

PERFECT PLANT CLEANER FOR - Fiddle Leaf Figs, monstera, Sansevieria, hoya, and other tropical and hard leaved foliage. Not for use on fuzzy or spiny leaves.

Made in China


- Store at room temperature
- Do not flush

Ingredients + Benefits

Purified Water, Glycerin, Cinnamon Extract

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Southside Plants was grown from a houseplant enthusiast that lacked a green thumb.

Although the founder has a Wildlife Biology degree, she had always struggled with keeping several plants happy at once. After much trial and error, and the sacrifice of many houseplants, she was finally able to find a way to keep these plants alive and well. After mastering her hobby, the founder decided to push the limits by seeing if she could grow her own houseplants from scratch. With much persistence, research, more trial-and-error, and the sacrifice of a few more plants; she was able to create their flag post product the Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste. She had found herself nearly buried with all the new plants she had cloned, and decided to share this product with other houseplant enthusiasts. The success of this product led to her discovery of the need for other affordable and effective plant care products for the houseplant gardener. She realized that there were many houseplant enthusiasts like her, who lacked convenient access to superior houseplant soils, fertilizers, and growing hormones at an affordable price.

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